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Important Announcements:

Erin Holley, Homeownership Counselor 

Lane Pham, Homeownership Counselor

MISSION of the Housing Authority of Bowling Green's Live the Dream Development Inc, non-profit is to offer the most effective techniques for achieving homeownership and financial stability among low-income to moderate-income individuals and families and to avoid predatory lending practices. This mission is realized through providing Homeownership Education Classes and one-on-one counseling to potential homebuyers to move them from rental to homeownership.   Homeownership is sustained through post purchase and foreclosure prevention counseling.

At the closing (pictures)


Accomplishments 2011


  • Last year we completed 131 Pre-Purchase One-on-One sessions with clients who were interested in trying to become first time home buyers. 
  • We also completed 89 Foreclosure Prevention sessions with clients facing foreclosure.
  • The total sessions completed last fiscal year is 220. 
  • We served an additional 115 clients through Education/Group Sessions. 49 completed the Yes You Can Own a Home Workshop, 27 completed the Financial Literacy Workshop and 39 completed the Predatory Lending Workshop. 
  • The total clients served last fiscal year through individual session and education classes is 335.


Goals 2012

  • Receive funding for Homeownership counseling 
  • Provide 50 homeowership one-on-one counseling session
  • Provide Financial Literacy to 40 individuals
  • Provide Predatory lending workshop to 20 participants
  • Provide Pre-Purchase workshop to 30 participants
  • A minimum of 10 participants will purchase homes
  • Continue to provide Foreclosure prevention sessions